Size Shouldn’t Be the Biggest Factor to Consider for Homes for Sale

If you are like many others who are looking for homes for sale in Boston or the North Shore area, you may have your sights focused on finding a home that has a certain square footage. This may be an arbitrary figure that you have determined, or it may be a best guess on the square footage that you need based on previous homes and apartments that you have lived in. However, the actual square footage of homes for sale may be less important than other factors, and there are a few reasons why this is true.

In a typical home, homeowners have different uses for rooms, and while the size of the space matters to some degree, the availability of different room configurations may be more important. For example, rather than find a 2,000 square foot home, it may be more important to find a three bedroom house with two living areas. You may be able to find this layout in a 1,800 square foot house as well as in a much larger 2,500 square foot home, so it is difficult to determine based on size alone if the house will meet your functional needs.

When you are looking for a house to purchase in the Boston area, a better idea is to make a list of all of the features that you desire in the home as well as the number of living areas, bedrooms, bathrooms, garage spaces and other unique spaces that you need the home to have. Then, you can narrow down a search based on these factors, your price range and the location of town where you want to live. This will help you to only look at homes that actually meet your unique criteria so that your efforts are more fruitful.

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