Homes for Sale in Boston’s North Shore: Take Your Home Search Outside the Box

Because Boston’s North Shore area is popular for its geographical features and lively neighborhoods, it can be difficult to find a home to purchase here as the competition can be aggressive. Sometimes finding a house requires thinking outside the box and taking an unconventional approach. Your real estate agent will, of course, use his or her knowledge of the area to help you find what you want in a home. There are, however, a few creative options that you can use to make finding the right home a bit easier.

Look Outside Your Budget

Your real estate agent will be aware of your budget, but may want to show you some homes that are a bit more expensive. If he does, go to these showings with an open mind. A real estate agent will know how long a house has been on the market and how likely a seller is to accept a lower offer. Real estate agents also know when a house has been overpriced, leaving wiggle room in the negotiations. Don’t merely dismiss listings over your budget.

Talk to Landlords

A public records search will let you know which landlords and property owners are in the midst of evicting a tenant. If you like the property they own, ask your real estate agent to reach out to them. The eviction process is a frustrating one for landlords and many are much more willing to consider selling during an eviction than they are at other times. They may not want to sell, but it never hurts to ask.

Find a Foreclosure

Foreclosures and short sales are excellent ways to pick up a house at a bargain price. It is true that short sales can take some time, but they are often worth the wait. People often shy away from foreclosures because previous owners sometimes trash the house before they leave. This isn’t always the case, however, and your real estate agent can help you find foreclosed properties that are still in good condition. Don’t overlook these properties during your search.

A good exclusive buyer’s agent will have many resources for finding homes for sale, many of which you simply won’t have access to yourself. This means that working with a clever and experienced real estate agent may be the smartest strategy you can use to find your dream home in a competitive market.

5 Ways to Find Your Home During an Inventory Shortage,



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