Three Tips for Buying a House to Remodel Among the Many Homes for Sale

Out of the many homes for sale at any given time on the Boston North Shore, a number of them can be great candidates for remodeling. From older homes that require some TLC to newer houses that would benefit from a simple addition, you can let your imagination run freely. You just have to make sure you’re making the right choice in selecting a property.

Figuring Out Your Costs

One thing that is most helpful in deciding which house to buy is figuring out possible renovation costs against the assessed value. Most buyers will benefit from selecting homes which are already in sound condition over a fixer-upper, but homes that require serious work can also pay off in the long run. An exclusive buyer’s agent can help make your selection easier and eliminate hassles.

Combining Projects

Buying a home that could benefit from more than one major project can also help you increase its value. For example, a home that requires a new roof may also benefit from a skylight or solar panels. An expanded kitchen may increase the value of the house with extras like new cabinets or an island.

Will You Do Some or All of the Renovation Yourself?

Many projects may be easy for you to do yourself or with minimal assistance. Projects like porches, new doors, and additional shelving and storage areas are projects that many homeowners can do on their own. You may want to consider narrowing down your choices based on which homes allow you to handle much of the renovation work on your own.

Renovating a house you’ve purchased may be one of the most exciting things you’ll do as a homeowner. If you choose the right home carefully, you’ll see great rewards from your decision.


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