Unique Features and Different Types of Homes for Sale in Massachusetts

Many of the homes in Massachusetts have great historical features. You’ll find many of these in a lot of the homes you can locate with the help of an exclusive buyer’s agent. Learning more about some of these features is a good way to decide which historic home is worth the trip for a tour.

Georgian Homes

These homes, which date back to the late 18th and early 19th century, make it very easy to see why they were part of a popular style. Arched or domed ceilings  with rounded rooms, help make the rooms appear more spacious, especially for those who like to decorate or use large furniture pieces. Many townhouses also make use of these coveted features, especially if they date to this era.

Colonial Revival

Although these houses are more modern, dating anywhere from 1880 to 1955, they are very common and offer many of the features buyers want the most. Many of these homes are unique for their blending of two or more Colonial styles, making homes that are a work of art in their own right. The spacious floor plans are ideal not only for single-family housing but also as a basis for condos that are in high demand.


Although less common than many other options, this style from the 19th century is popular among many of the homes for sale near the coast. Paired or triple windows are common, providing a lot of natural light no matter what the weather. These houses also tend to feature inviting porches with a central location that encourages entertaining.

Although it’s not hard to find a nice, older home in this area, an exclusive buyer’s agent is very helpful in your search. You’ll have greater assurance that everything is going as smoothly as possible.


Architectural Style Guide, historicnewengland.org


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