Looking at Homes for Sale: Must-Have Qualities of a New Family Home

Buying a new house can get a lot more complicated when you have a family or are planning to have one soon. Qualities that make a good family home are much different than those for single people or couples with no children. Here are a few of the most important things to look for in a family home.

Inside and Outside Space

Space is probably the most important consideration. Obviously, the house will need enough bedrooms so the children can have their own rooms. A large living room or play area is important, too.

As any parent will attest, finding peace and quiet time is both important and incredibly difficult when you have a family. A house that makes finding this private space easier can make all the difference. Many parents think about space for the kids but may neglect space for themselves. A private office or study becomes very important as a retreat from the craziness of family life.

Having the right space outside the house is just as important. Children will want to play outside, so having a yard bigger than a postage stamp is important. Driveway space is also a factor. Most families have multiple vehicles, and older children may have vehicles of their own.

Location and Safety

Choosing homes for sale in the right neighborhood is important as well. Whereas a single person may be okay in a busier neighborhood close to shopping and dining areas, families tend to prefer quieter and safer neighborhoods close to parks and schools. There are major advantages to being close enough to allow a child to walk to school or go to the park with friends without needing a ride.

Easy to Sell

Families tend to be dynamic, and changes can happen unexpectedly. The ability to sell the home quickly and at a good price is very important if changes need to happen later down the road. It is common for families to move every seven years or so, so selling a home before it is paid off is very likely.

Choosing wisely when selecting homes for sale is important in making all areas of life easier, and discussing options with an experienced exclusive buyer’s agent can be very helpful.


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Understanding the Staging Appearance of Homes for Sale as a Homebuyer

Savvy homebuyers know that sellers will go to great lengths in order to show their property in the best light. In fact, you expect to walk into a home with a staged atmosphere. This selling tactic isn’t a bad choice for any party because homebuyers have a chance to see the property when it’s all cleaned up. However, it’s important to look past the beauty and focus on the practical details. This facade might be covering more serious issues.

When you walk into the living room, the entire space may look gigantic with the vaulted ceilings and strategic furniture arrangements. You may be thrilled with the appearance, but remember the true dimensions of the home. If you want a home that’s closer to 2,000 square feet, a property with only 1,100 square feet won’t work for your needs. The living room is probably smaller than you realize without the staging.

Be wary of any staging that includes a lot of accessories, such as rugs and artwork. Decorative items are normal, but excessive additions to the room mean that some issue is being possibly covered up. Paint might be peeling, or the floor is aging.

The home shouldn’t have a strong, air-freshener scent either. Too many scents within each room may indicate that mold or mildew is a problem. You want to smell the home’s normal odors, such as nearby linens.

Ideally, you should look at four or five different homes for sale as you decide on a final property purchase. These homes will give you a better perspective of your household options and neighborhood amenities. In the end, you’ll be able to make a smart, financial decision that benefits your family for the life of the investment.